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Pion Economics has a long and established record of undertaking complex economic studies. 

This work has involved detailed scrutiny of macroeconomic, microeconomic, regional and sub-regional data and datasets.  

The team is often tasked with providing coherent and intelligible narrative from cross-section and longitudinal data series, making sense of disparate and conflicting data trends, assessing the economic impact of sector and spatial strategies and evaluation studies.

Economic Analysis

  • Reviews of industry sector trends and prospects
  • Preparation of baseline studies for sectors/areas
  • Area-based analysis of development potential

Labour Market Analysis

  • Assessment of demand and supply-side trends and futures
  • Analysis of demand/supply side skills balance in sectors/areas
  • Labour market sourcing constraints for sector/inward investment

Economic Impact Analysis

  • Assessment of proposed developments
  • Analysis of area-wide development strategies 
  • Tailored analyses of high profile investment projects


  • National-level intervention programmes
  • Spatial assistance strategies
  • Labour market support schemes

Econometric/Statistical Analysis

  • Desciptive/Statistical analysis of surveys
  • Multivariate analysis, Longitudinal modelling
  • Binary, Count, Limited dependent variable modelling
  • Quasi-Experimental Evaluation