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Case Study 1

DG Regio Local Development ERDF Approaches

DG Regio has commissioned a number of studies examining aspects of local and regional development in preparation for the post 2013 phase of regional assistance.  This purpose of this study was to examine the varying nature of ERDF funded local development schemes in the 2000-06 and 2007-13 programming periods via a series of case studies across the EU.

The study was awarded to a project team led by the Istituto per Ricerca Sociale (Milan) and the University of Barcelona.  Pion Economics were assigned to undertake a review of local development strategies across the West Wales and Valleys Obective 1 ERDF convergence area (other studies covered areas in Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy).

West Wales and the Valleys is one of two NUTS2 areas that cover Wales. It has an area of 12,400 sq km with approximately 1,150km of coastline and a population of some 1.89m persons, close to two-thirds of the total population in Wales. The case study followed a process that included:

  • desk-based analysis of relevant statistical and socio-economic data sourced from Eurostat and the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS)
  • desk-based analysis of documents relating to each period and covering items such as Operational Programme (OP) materials, evaluation reports, Annual Implementation Reports (AIRs) and Programme Monitoring Committee (PMC) minutes and reports
  • semi-structured (face-to-face interviews) with fifteen actors including the managing authority, local authorities, universities, voluntary and third sector groups and external experts; and
  • a stakeholder workshop to outline, validate and discuss emerging findings from the case-study exercise.

The case-study report is available from the Commission and can be accessed from the report archive section of this website.