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Case Study 5

OVG Manchester Area

OVG Europe Ltd is developing a new 23,500-maximum capacity arena for Manchester on the Etihad Campus in the Eastlands area of the city, with close proximity to the Etihad Stadium. As part of the development work, OVG commissioned AMION Consulting to test whether the central growth forecast for additional attendance could reasonably be supported by the market.

Pion Economics supported the Amion team by undertaking a detailed market capacity/penetration analysis to ascertain whether the envisaged catchment can accommodate growth forecasts.  Using the outcomes of a detailed market survey, which defined UK Arena attendance prevalence from within the OVG catchment, Pion gravity-modelled potential catchment profiles under a series a series of deliberately engineered restrictive conditions to assess capacity constraints. 

Construction on the OVG Arena is now underway.